Variety is the Spice of Life!

King Con, from the shores of Australia – this blond and blue eyed Grand Champion has one of the best and most symmetrical physiques around. Our cameras loved him….every inch of him while he oils up and poses just for our viewers! He’ll even hypnotize you with his devilish smile. Come see what all the talk is about, remember to say G’Day mate and be prepared to give the Aussie Salute!

0001-kingconfight-002 0002-kingconfight-012 0003-kingconfight-019 0004-kingconfight-035 0005-kingconfight-058 0006-kingconfight-092

kingcon01 0007-kingconfight-102 kingcon02 kingcon03 kingcon04 kingcon05 kingcon06 kingcon07 kingcon08 kingcon09 kingcon10 kingcon11 kingcon12 kingcon13



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