Variety is the Spice of Life!

Our latest find is the chiseled Ko Ryu. 6 months ago, he was working like an ape in a famous Pachinko parlor in Shinjuku. But once we set our eyes on this raven haired boy with the hard body, thick powerful legs, smooth round bubble butt begging to be caressed- we knew we had to have him. And that was before we saw what was hanging between his legs. Careful though, you might chip a tooth on that thing. Some times it’s worth it. This is so one of those times…


ko_ryu_02 ko_ryu_03 ko_ryu_04 ko_ryu_05 ko_ryu_06 ko_ryu_07 ko_ryu_08 ko_ryu_09 ko_ryu_10 ko_ryu_11 ko_ryu_12 ko_ryu_13 ko_ryu_14 ko_ryu_15 ko_ryu_16ody

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