Variety is the Spice of Life!

You like daddies? of course you do that why we’re here! Well, unzip and sit back because here comes one of the ultimate, hairy, horny, hung papis – Kristofer Weston – and this bristling, bulging stud cums complete with kinks, straining jock-strap, sweaty pits, hungry hole and throbbing, spit wet cock and nipples that are begging for attention. We get a good, long, hard look at every inch of this studly man. He’s been around the block and knows exactly how to make your eyes roll back in your head. Kristofer is a busy man with a clutch of puppies and sirs to play with. he stretches his hole wide just for you, plays with his big feet and lies back to wank out a juicy, creamy splattering load all over that hairy belly. Then he eats it all down, Rude! ( he should share!!)

BD_Kristofer_Weston_II_001 BD_Kristofer_Weston_II_003 BD_Kristofer_Weston_II_006 BD_Kristofer_Weston_II_007 BD_Kristofer_Weston_II_011 BD_Kristofer_Weston_II_012

BD_Kristofer_Weston_II_015 BD_Kristofer_Weston_II_016 BD_Kristofer_Weston_II_018 BD_Kristofer_Weston_II_021 BD_Kristofer_Weston_II_028 BD_Kristofer_Weston_II_029 BD_Kristofer_Weston_II_030 BD_Kristofer_Weston_II_033 BD_Kristofer_Weston_II_045 BD_Kristofer_Weston_II_048 BD_Kristofer_Weston_II_061 BD_Kristofer_Weston_II_073



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