Kurt Beckmann returns to MH.com with a new collection of the stunning German. A good friend of the ┬áHeavenly Hunk himself, Christian Engel, it can now be revealed that we first got to know Kurt based upon Christian’s recommendation!

Variety is the Spice of Life!

kurtbeckmann02 kurtbeckmann03 kurtbeckmann04 kurtbeckmann05 kurtbeckmann06 kurtbeckmann07 kurtbeckmann08 kurtbeckmann09 kurtbeckmann10 kurtbeckmann11 kurtbeckmann12 kurtbeckmann13 kurtbeckmann14 kurtbeckmann15 kurtbeckmann16 kurtbeckmann17 kurtbeckmann18 kurtbeckmann19 kurtbeckmann20 kurtbeckmann21 kurtbeckmann22 kurtbeckmann23 kurtbeckmann24 kurtbeckmann25 kurtbeckmann26 kurtbeckmann27

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