Variety is the Spice of Life!

French big boy musclepup Laurent LeGros has some creative ideas about what to do with his allotted break time at his temporary non-union construction job. Since the building site was right around the corner from our studios, Laurent decided he could augment his day rate a little with a quick show of his fabulous muscles and unusually large musclepup cock. No problem: we had our cameras at the ready as he slipped away unnoticed (which we admit we cannot understand – we’d miss the presence of a built muscleman on our worksite) to give you a little R & R. It’s better than donuts and stale coffee any time, we say.

laurentlegross01 laurentlegross02 laurentlegross03 laurentlegross04 laurentlegross05 laurentlegross06 laurentlegross08 laurentlegross09 laurentlegross10 laurentlegross11 laurentlegross12 laurentlegross13 laurentlegross14 laurentlegross15

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