Variety is the Spice of Life!

COLT Man Ledermeister is a hardcore leather biker who holds his own in a tough crowd of road-hardened bikers. On his own, Ledermeister is just as wild. After a day of raising hell on the open road, Ledermeister invites you in for an an up-close look into his private life. After a long erotic shower Ledermeister takes to the hills on his bike wearing nothing but tight pair of jeans with the top button unfastened. Finding a quiet stretch of road Ledermeister pulls over and strips it all off for a hot and hairy jerk off session, letting it all out in the open. As the sun begins to set Ledermeister gets back on his bike and hits the open road – bare-assed naked!

Ledermeister.01 Ledermeister.02 Ledermeister.03 Ledermeister.AA3.01 Ledermeister.Cll92.01 lt66_ledermeister_02 lt66_ledermeister_03 lt66_ledermeister_04 LT66_Sc1_1 LT66_Sc1_2 LT66_Sc1_3 LT66_Sc1_4 LT66_Sc1_5 LT66_Sc1_6



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