Variety is the Spice of Life!

This young buck named Lucas is a dirty, nasty boy who loves to play. Lucas likes nothing better than to sic the other guys he plays with on each other, and he gets away with it. The other guys always forgive him, because all that this grinning troublemaker has to do is part his full lips, and betray just a hint of a smile. It’s that sense of pure fun that Lucas brings to his private shows. Lucas will tease you, and then he'll turn around and let you play with him. Heís that special kind of guy whoís full of life, and with a great sense of humor. So, just go private with Lucas, and let go. You’ll be having fun in no time, right along with Lucas. It’s a wild ride, and itís a trip to remember! Contact Lucas now

lucas_diangelo01 lucas_diangelo02 lucas_diangelo03 lucas_diangelo04 lucas_diangelo05 lucas_diangelo06 lucas_diangelo07 lucas_diangelo08 lucas_diangelo09 lucas_diangelo10 lucas_diangelo11 lucas_diangelo12


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