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When I first met Lucas Knight he was shooting a scene for my Cocksure Men site. It was lust at first site. I serviced him, sucking on his huge cock, and he gave me one of the biggest facials I’ve ever had. I just had to have more! So I booked him for a sex scene. By this time we had gotten to know each other a bit and you can tell. By the time the cameraman was ready to roll we were already naked and kissing passionately. I had a blast with Lucas. We kissed, sucked, and rubbed against each other. I showed him how hot it could be fucking someone between the thighs. It felt great feeling his humongous rod stroking my thighs. I tightened my grip around his pole and he almost shot his load. Lucas kissed and stroked me until I came. He laid down next to me and shot of a massive fountain of streaming cum onto his chest, the bed, and me. I had such a fantastic time that I may not be done with Lucas Knight yet!

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