Trojan meets up with his friend Samuel, over from the states, and offers him the use of the gym at the headquarters. Samuel accepts, especially because Lucio might be there training and he is somebody he would really love to get trained by. As he arrives at the gym he has his training expectations crushed by the basic equipment but Lucio suggests there are plenty exercises that they can do. Samuel gives in and while getting changed he presents a full view of his meaty man ass to Lucio that makes another muscle pump up. Lucio doesn’t waste any time and jumps on the muscle man as soon as he turns around. They explore each other bodies and Samuel goes on to taste Lucio’s massive meat. He then pushes him down on the bench and alternates face fucking him deep with shoving his bull like balls in his mouth. They both enjoy it a lot but all good things come to an end. Only to make space for more good things.Lucio can’t wait to get to work on Samuel’s ass and he makes a real meal out of it. but Samuel still struggles to take that cock when Lucio pushes it against his hole. He fucks him hard and deep from the back before rearranging the bench to allow him to fuck Samuel on his back. He pulls him closer, holds his legs and plunges in an out of him balls deep. Samuel takes a very good pounding there and works Lucios cock to explosion. Lucio shoots, no, erupts a huge, thick white load of hot cum all over Samuel’s hairy chest and Samuel follows a few seconds later with an equally thick load.

Variety is the Spice of Life!

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