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Matthew Parker is one lucky massage therapist. His magic hands have worked their wonders on most of Mam Steel’s hockey teammates. Today, Matthew seems to sport a particular interest for Mam’s butt. As he’s lying face down, relaxing under Matthew’s spell, Mam’s a little surprised when his masseur moves under the towel and starts to work on those huge Steel glutes. Surprise is quickly replaced by a relaxing appreciation for Matthew’s so-called “specialty”. Mam’s furry butt cheeks are getting the full treatment when massage therapist aims to give his client an equally full treatment on the flip side. But when Mam turns over sporting his whopper-size stiff dick, he’s all embarrassed that the talented butt massage has awoken the monster beneath. Apologetic, he admits that this is the first time he’s sprung wood and casually pulls the towel up to conceal his mammoth junk. Even with the towel covering his stick of Steel, it’s obvious that Matthews expert hands are having the desired effect. Matthew makes himself reassuring by telling Mam that his teammates have all had the same reaction to his attentive care. Slowly he pulls the towel back, massages Mam’s inner thighs and then tells Mam that he is going to get Matthew’s therapeutic centerpiece: his “special treatment”… Step 1: Matthew move in and casually stroke Mam’s gigantic cock: So far so good. Step 2: Quickly, his lips move into position and start licking the jumbo cock’s knob. Mam’s surprised as he hesitates. Matthew’s reassuring words and stimulating tongue action, however, help dissipate any reservation Mam may still harbor. Matthew has his work cut out. Mam’s bone hard dick expands to a full 9” of mouthwatering uncut manhood. He can barely get his hand around the shaft, but that doesn’t stop him from trying and getting his expansive mouth to overcompensate for his “manual” shortcomings. In fact, Matthew’s expert tongue action is proving to be quite the winning combination. Clearly this isn’t the first sportsman who’s benefited from his talented skills. With his wry candor, Matthew in fact reveals to Mam’s that his tool out-stages the team captain’s. As Matthew dutifully keeps up his treatment, he strips off his t-shirt, which provokes once again some questioning from Mam. “Relax, it’s part of the treatment…” Matthew says. He seems to have this whole scenario down to a T. He then asks Mam if he’s ever sucked dick before. Mam admits that he hasn’t. This is Matthew’s opening and he tells him to imagine it’s a big lollipop. That seems to do the job as Mam spins around and starts to lip his masseur’s uncut sucker… Matthew’s wise words of encouragement are having the desired effect. Mam stops sucking, he turns on his back and Matthew braces for the ass fucking of his dreams. Not a word is said, but they both know where this is going. As Mam prepares to cover his shaft, Matthew gets into position and from there they take off. Our massage therapist rides Mam hard. And Mam certainly doesn’t hold back, filling Matthew’s hole with that elephant trunk of his. From a cowboy position the guys switch it up on the massage table and Mam starts pummeling Matthew’s ass from behind. Things are getting loud as Matthew takes it deep. He’s clearly in perv heaven. Mam just keeps banging that hungry ass. As he shifts into a pile driver position, you can appreciate just how big that snake is. For his finale, Mam flips Matthew onto his back and gets right back to impaling his masseur’s tight hole. While Mam is playing with his bottom’s nips, Matthew rev’s up his engine and shoots his load all over his stomach. He then instructs Mam to relieve his stress into his face. Mam lies back and Matthew sticks his head and mouth within striking range of Mam’s shooting cock. Mam shoots and Matthew scores. Magic hands Matthew has done it again!

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