Variety is the Spice of Life!

Scene 4, “Quenched” of Manly Heat features Jherrad Lopez and Corbin Michaels on the front deck of the boat, holding each other and taking in the scenery. They enter the bridge, where Captain Colby Taylor will be taking in his own scenery, watching these two boys go at it. They make out on a couch in the main cabin behind the captain’s chair, and they stay dressed for an almost unbearable amount of time, as Michaels starts sucking Lopez through his pants. Colby looks anxiously on, as do we! Finally, Michaels pulls Lopez’s pants off and goes to town, taking his time. Michaels eventually lets his big tool loose, too, and Lopez literally drools over it. Colby watches and pulls out a big one, as Michaels begins to fuck Lopez. The three of them will have to swab the decks after their deluge of spunk at COLT STUDIO!

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