Variety is the Spice of Life!

When we told thick hung and uncut bearded daddy Martin Pe we had a beef, hairy submissive for him to fuck raw, the bareback top came over in a hurry. Immediately, Martin and Vince Stewart starting making out and we barely had enough time to get the cameras rolling! Vince was more than surprised at the size of Martin’s daddy cock and immediately got to his knees to worship the whopping piece of meat. But after a while, Martin wanted much more than just a blowjob. This man was HUNG-ry! So he bent Vince over a pile of used tires and ate his ass out, sending Vince into orbit. When Martin finally stood and slid that slab of daddy meat into Vince, the bareback fuck quickly turned primal with a hot breeding that made all of us on set drool!

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