Tall, tatted, and hung, Mike Fox is a dream come true. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on his body and my mouth around his cock. Mike lays on the massage table, his feet almost at the end. I slowly touch the smooth skin on his body, especially his soft white ass. After I finish oiling him up I begin my massage, his muscles relaxing underneath my finger tips. I knead his gluts and legs. I massage his butt hole, too, rubbing my finger on the entrance, wishing to go further. My tongue goes where my finger couldn’t – into his hole. After a good tongue lashing I turn Mike over and I see his big, floppy cock and huge balls. I love that Mike has a bush and isn’t shaved or heavily trimmed. I put oil on his front then massage his chest and arms. With each stroke Mike’s cock grows as I rub him down. Once fully hard I suck his thick meat and balls. I massage his big dick giving it all of my attention. Mike is ready so I jack him fast and hard until he shoots his sweet cream onto his flat belly. I suck his cock and lick the cum off his body. I thank Mike Fox with a sweet kiss to his forehead.

Variety is the Spice of Life!

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