Variety is the Spice of Life!

Landon and Cameron are catching up on old times talking about the good ol days when they use to hook up all the time. Cameron shows Landon his jersey that he has kept over the years after they broke up so he could use it to have his smell with him at all times. Landon was very surprised that he had it and had forgotten all about it. Cameron starts to smell Landon and pulls him in close as they begin to kiss and rekindle the fire between them. You can see the excitement on Cameron’s face as Landon sucks his cock and ball like back in the day. Cameron repays the favor with his deep throating skills that he uses only on Landon. They both are just too excited to keep sucking cock so Landon fucks him just like he remembers it and Cameron loves the dick deep inside him as he grinds Landon. He can’t hold it in no longer so Landon releases his warm load over Cameron’s sexy chest.  Enjoy!

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