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You’d think that after pushing an athlete beyond his physical limits, he would start hating his personal trainer. But no, even after a grueling workout, Kyle Kash is ever so grateful for Spencer Whitman’s assistance in getting ready for next week’s triathlon. But Kyle’s PT has bad news. He can no longer train the athletic muscle stud for free. Kyle is devastated. He volunteers to do anything to keep training with Spencer… anything. Spencer seems inspired by this offer and extends his hand onto Kyle’s thigh. Kyle is more than willing to respond favorably to Spence’s advances. Indeed, the guys start making out on the living room sofa, kissing and fondling each other. As Kyle is only wearing his swimsuit, Spencer spins him around pulling the flimsy material below his ass, exposing the pervy athlete’s ball and butt crack in all their glory. Spencer dives right in to tongue and chew on Kyle’ hot crack. The kid is moaning and squirming, begging his coach to eat his ass more and to slap it good. He’s gyrating back and forth as Spencer keeps on plowing his tongue into his triathlete’s hot hole. Spencer then starts banging his stiff cock on his boy’s crack, before Kyle spins around and starts giving him a slutty blow job. The hairy coach is bone stiff and loving every minute of his pig-boy’s lip and mouth job. Spencer pig-talk’s his way into Kyle’s heart, and Kyle responds in kind while gagging on his trainer’s meat. Just a little bit more rimming to get his bottom boy’s ass all wet gets Kyle begging for his coach to bang him up. True to form, Spencer plunges in from behind and starts to fuck the daylights out of his sub boy. Kyle is in perv heaven as his ass is ripped apart. He shifts position so he can ride Spence’s fat meat hard. As he rides a seated Spencer’s bopping up and down, he moans relentlessly. As his coach shifts his own upper body forward, Kyle leans back, allowing Spencer to suck him off while still fucking his tight ass. Kyle turns and sits back on his PT’s hard cock riding hard once again. Kyle just can’t get enough of Spencer’s hard dick. Now lying on his back, he jacks his own stiff rod, responding well to Spencer’s aggressive tone. Kyle is so cranked that he shoots his load, as jet after jet spews out reaching beyond his shoulder. Spencer swipes some spunk off of Kyle’s chest and laps it up. The guys then lie side by side on the couch. As Kyle pinches his coach’s nips, his action is pushing Spencer over the edge. Seconds later, he shoots his load all over his hairy abs…

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