Nacho lives up to his name in the Dynamite DVD Palacio Musculoso. This smart South American is only 23, and already is a bodybuilding champion. Macho’s own brand of machismo is spiked with plenty of muscle-packing masculinity. He’s also got a great sense of humor – and is very, very eager to please. As he says (his English is excellent, by the way) I love to turn people on and make them feel horny for me. He especially likes anything done with a tongue. Have him run his tongue along the striations in his arms. Nacho stays in competition form all year round, so don’t worry: that chest, thighs, shoulders and back will still be ripped when you get to him. His stomach will still be flat and ripped. What will be new is the sensation of being able to spend some quality time with one of the youngest major bodybuilders on the scene today. And to get him even harder. Yes, it’s possible. Harder and harder, until the payoff. The money shot. This is what bodybuilders were meant to be doing with that long, hard muscle.

Variety is the Spice of Life!

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