Variety is the Spice of Life!

With Marc in his dark blue cop uniform and Nate in his highway patrol uniform, these off duty officers meet up in an empty holding cell for a little cop-on-cop action. Through the bars they kiss, grab and grope each other, slowly opening up their shirts to explore what lies beneath. Marc makes the most of his explorations and finds himself down on his knees before his partner. With plenty of boot licking and hungry cock sucking, Officer Marc gives Officer Nate a thorough full-body pat down. Always on duty, Nate initiates a full body strip search, taking his time to thoroughly inspect and swallow each and every inch of that thick piece of meat between Marc’s legs. To be extra thorough, Nate bends Marc over and inspects his hot muscled ass. Running his nightstick between those round butt cheeks, Nate teases and probes Marc’s hole with his big man stick. Nate pries that hole open, making Marc’s butt hungry for his cock. With a few hard slaps on Marc’s meaty ass Nate uses his stiff cock to do an in-depth cavity search. Marc spreads his ass wide and takes it hard, loving every minute as his ass gets pounded. Nate’s balls swell as he shoves his cock in Marc’s mouth directly after he pulls it out of his ass for some deep-throat pumping, taking his load to the edge before spilling a hot white load of cum all over Marc’s heaving chest. Nate rubs his hot man juice onto Marc’s chest as Marc strokes out a thick batch of nut busting cum himself.

CSP025_M_Dylan_PG_3793 CSP025_M_Dylan_PG_3819 CSP025_M_Dylan_PG_3869 CSP025_M_Dylan_PG_4111 CSP025_M_Dylan_PG_4164 CSP025_M_Dylan_PG_4173 CSP025_M_Dylan_PG_4195 CSP025_M_Dylan_X_4006 CSP025_M_Dylan_X_4054 CSP025_M_Dylan_X_4068 CSP025_M_Dylan_X_4249 CSP025_M_Dylan_X_4255 CSP025_M_Dylan_X_4264 CSP025_N_Karlton_PG_4401 CSP025_N_Karlton_PG_4513 CSP025_N_Karlton_PG_4541 CSP025_N_Karlton_PG_4573 CSP025_N_Karlton_PG_4689 CSP025_N_Karlton_X_4332 CSP025_N_Karlton_X_4358 CSP025_N_Karlton_X_4429 CSP025_N_Karlton_X_4363 CSP025_N_Karlton_X_4434 CSP025_N_Karlton_X_4454 CSP025_N_Karlton_X_4579 CSP025_N_Karlton_X_4596 CSP025_N_Karlton_X_4636 CSP025_N_Karlton_X_4676 CSP025_N_Karlton_X_4727 CSP025_N_Karlton_X_4736 CSP025_Sc6_PG_294 CSP025_Sc6_PG_292 CSP025_Sc6_PG_351 CSP025_Sc6_PG_296 CSP025_Sc6_X_301 CSP025_Sc6_X_305 CSP025_Sc6_X_308 CSP025_Sc6_X_319 CSP025_Sc6_X_323 CSP025_Sc6_X_327 CSP025_Sc6_X_329 CSP025_Sc6_X_333 CSP025_Sc6_X_336 CSP025_Sc6_X_339 CSP025_Sc6_X_344 CSP025_Sc6_X_345 CSP025_Sc6_X_347 CSP025_Sc6_X_354 CSP025_Sc6_X_360 CSP025_Sc6_X_364 CSP025_Sc6_X_369 CSP025_Sc6_X_370


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