If you don’t have the hots for Nathan Rider then quite frankly we can all just give up and go home, this IS one of the sexiest guys in ages, brand spanking new, naturally hairy, with a tapered dick that was designed and constructed to stretch hungry arses, a cute sexy, Italian accent, pale green-brown eyes, never even seen that colour before, a dark foreskin AND a magnificent, ripped body, that is not gym trained, he assures us – thats just some steaming hot, sexy DNA he’s got ( which I would LUV to taste!!) This beautiful boy is popping his porno cherry for you today ( if you see him on any other site before this date you can come over and slap my ass). So settle back, there’s not point me writing because if you’ve clicked on his picture you already know what you want and you’re not even reading this…ARE YOU?

Variety is the Spice of Life!

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