Blake Daniels is chained up and blindfolded in the basement waiting for leather daddy Nick Moretti. When the hariy top enters, he sizes up his prey with sadistic glee. Starting with ass slaps and butt munching, Nick relishes the debauchery he unleashes when he removes his leather belt to give the willing boy a lashing. Blake’s creamy white skin then turns bright red as Nick switches to a flogger and wails on his ass, back and chest. After a while, Blake is on his knees but still blindfolded. He goes to town on Nick’s big daddy dick for quite a while before Nick bends him over, against the wall, and rims the sweet, smooth ass. With the blond leather boy now in the sling, Blake jerks off Nick while receiving a blowjob. Nick teases the boy’s ass, making sure it’s ready for a hard fuck. Then, because Nick likes to see his bottoms with a hard cock while getting fucked, he insists Blake stroke his own dick. All the while, Blake just moans and squeals like a pig. Keeping a hard dick pays off for Blake as he drops his load while getting plowed.

Variety is the Spice of Life!

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