Mirek Belan was busy studying when Nikol Monak walked in and suggested that there might be something better to do than study. When Mirek asks just what can be better than studying, Nikol plants a kiss on lips. Mirek gets the point very quickly and the deep, passionate kissing continues as his shirt gets ripped off in the heat of the moment. Nikol helps Mirek out of his jeans before laying him back on the desk. Once laid out on the desk Nikol wastes no time in swallowing every inch of Mirekís thick cock. After some intense oral stimulation Mirek gets up from the desk and helps Nikol out of his jeans. As quickly as Nikolís jeans hit the floor so did Mirek, on his knees. He swallows every inch of Nikolís rock hard cock as he jerks his own cock. Nikol motions for Mirek to stand up and bend over the desk and in doing so Nikol produces a black belt which he wraps around Mirekís neck. Holding the belt strap in one hand and his thick, hard cock in the other, Nikol slowly shoves his penis deep inside Mirekís eager ass. The faster Nikol fucks Mirek, the louder and faster Mirek moans. After about 10 minutes of a good as fucking, Mirek rolls over on the desk, pulls his legs back and Nikol slides his cock in again and as the fucking continues so does Mirekís cock jerking. Nikol fucks even faster and deeper and very quickly Mirek cannot hold back anymore. Mirek blows a thick, creamy load of jizz all over his stomach and leg; but, Nikol keeps on pounding. Ready for release, Nikol pulls out just in time and shoots quite the large amount of cum all over Mirekís waiting ass as some runs down and drops onto the floor below.

Variety is the Spice of Life!


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