Variety is the Spice of Life!

In his delicious premiere performance at, new LiveMuscleShow sensation Otto Mann delivers a tasty tableau of white collar muscleplay. In this irresistible office flexin fantasy, Otto’s an overworked middle manager following orders to produce documents. Once in the confines of the company file room, Otto relieves the tension nicely when he strips out of his baggy regulation black suit and reveals – whoa! – supercharged, hard, flexin, young muscle, and a nice big blond cock that’s pointing skyward right from the get-go! Succulent raw muscle posing and hammer-strength JO heaven are on the office agenda today at!

otto_man01 otto_man02 otto_man03 otto_man04 otto_man05 otto_man06 otto_man07 otto_man08 otto_man09 otto_man10 otto_man11 otto_man12 otto_man14 otto_man15

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