Phillip was a big help to me on a recent shooting trip. Although he was scheduled for a solo, what he really wanted was some interaction. It just so happened Rob was available, and, since Phillip had been so helpful, why not?

Variety is the Spice of Life!

the_guy_site-blowing_phillip_5_12561_1 the_guy_site-blowing_phillip_5_12561_2 the_guy_site-blowing_phillip_5_12561_3 the_guy_site-blowing_phillip_5_12561_4 the_guy_site-blowing_phillip_5_12561_5 the_guy_site-blowing_phillip_5_12561_6 the_guy_site-blowing_phillip_5_12561_7 the_guy_site-blowing_phillip_5_12561_8 the_guy_site-blowing_phillip_5_12561_9 the_guy_site-blowing_phillip_5_12561_10 the_guy_site-blowing_phillip_5_12561_11 the_guy_site-blowing_phillip_5_12561_12

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