Variety is the Spice of Life!

After getting lost in the Florida swamp on a camping expedition, hot and sweaty muscle bear Rock Ramsey stumbles on the sexy and furry Steve King, cleaning up after a storm. In desperate need of fresh water, Steve leads Rock to the front of the house where they share a sip from the same hose. Hands grip, eyes meet, sweat drips and mouths swap drooling kisses as the bearded hairy men make contact on that steamy day. The sky soon darkens and they head under cover for some hot, outdoor storm sex. Thunder roars and lightning crashes all around them as mouths get filled with hard sweaty cocks. Rock’s hard dick slides easily into Steve’s moist hole, deeper and deeper, as it continues to rain. Sweat drips off their hard bodies and on each other. Legs up in the air, Steven begs for more, tight ass clenching. Rock needs to unload and both explode thick white milky loads on muscled chests mixed with sweat before collapsing onto each other after a hard rain-driven Florida swamp fuck.

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