Intergenerational couple Rusty McMann and Kyle Scott get off on daddy/son roleplay, as do millions around the world. They have an open relationship and every once in a while, “son” Kyle likes to go off on his own and pick up a hot and beefy younger “daddy.” And there’s no better specimen of hot muscle bear daddy than tattooed, bearded and pierced Marc Angelo. Kyle works his charm on Marc and takes him back to his place, forgetting to mention he’s already involved. They start going at it hot and heavy, making out, sucking cock, and rimming hungry hairy assholes. But once Kyle’s got Marc on all fours, “daddy” Rusty walks in on them. It’s not what it looks like, is it? Oh, but it is! Rusty joins in on the fun and Marc, recovering from his initial panic, gives himself up to the fantasy!

Variety is the Spice of Life!

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