Variety is the Spice of Life!

The secrets are building at the Ridge Family Farm and tension is in the air. The patriarch of the family Duke Ridge (Rocco Steele) tries to soothe the family tension with a hot meal and the Lord’s prayer. After dinner, Fredrick (Trenton Ducati) and Ryder (Colton Grey) are on dish duty. Cocky and entitled Ryder thinks he can pull one over on his uncle, bragging that he knows about his uncle fucking the ranch hands ñ but Fredrick throws it back in his face, admitting he saw Ryder fucking his son in the orchard yesterday. The stakes are high, there’s only one thing left to do, ìGo ahead, fuck me Uncle Fredrick!î Ryder throws himself on his knees and starts sucking his uncle’s giant cock. Then Uncle Fredrick takes advantage and tastes that little pink boy hole getting it all lubed up and ready to slide in his big dick. Bent over the kitchen counter with a smile on his face, Ryder rides his uncle’s manhood like he’s got something to prove little does he know, sound travels and nothing is truly secret at the Ridge Family Farm.

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