Seth has to be one of the downright cutest recruits I’ve seen come through in a while.  Claude is really hittin’ ’em outta the park lately and this is no exception.  Just when he draws you in with that blonde hair, those dimples, and that boyish smile, he gives you a load of his cock…SWEET LORD!  We get our first look at Seth’s gorgeous meat when he pulls it out of a pair of light blue undies.  I should say I really found the color against Seth’s complexion arousing.  Something about Southern blonde boys in light blue has always flipped a few sexual switches for me.  From near the beginning, we get to have a very nice, tight look at Seth’s hairless, perfect asshole.  It’s easy to tell that Seth enjoys ass play.  He works his fingers in and out a bit while jerking his cock, letting himself slowly work up in intensity.  The build up to Seth’s fantastic load eruption is very hot.  The shot of Seth’s enormous, throbbing cock in all its fully-flared glory just as he cums is something to write home about.  I can’t wait to see more of this sweet-as-Georgia-peach-pie, Southern cutie!

Variety is the Spice of Life!

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  1. seth darlin i would love to suck on your big juicy cock then swallow your load then eat out your fine ass then take you from behind and fuck the ass off you.


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