Mike and Blake are doing inventory at the porn warehouse and a shipment of new toys has just arrived. They like to test out the new products for safety reasons and today they are really excited for what has come in. They try the new cock and ball tie first and lucky for them they have two pairs so nobody is left out. Once on they both start to suck each other’s cock and play with them tightly wrapped balls licking and tugging on them. From there they move on to a butt plug so Mike’s ass can prep before Blake gets his big dick inside of him. He slowly inserts the butt plug into his ass all the way in and he loves it. Blake leaves it in his tight ass as he licks and rubs his balls. Mikes ass is ready now so Blake pumps him good and hard bent over the table and up against the clothes rack. They finish off in the chair with Mike riding up and down Blake’s long hard shaft until he busts his nut all over himself. Blake stands up and releases hi built up load all over Mike’s sexy chest.  Enjoy!

Variety is the Spice of Life!

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