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Colby is hanging out, shooting some hoops, with Aiden Woods at his Las Vegas lair. Sweltering under Vegas’ scorching summer desert heat, the guys peel off their jerseys for some reprieve. As they’re practicing their dribbling and Colby attempts to dunk the ball, he actually challenges himself by telling Aiden that he’ll need to blow his him if he makes the next shot. Colby is probably as motivated as Aiden about getting the desired outcome. Two points! Our hunky ball player makes the hoop and wins his own challenge. The guys leave the court and head off to the pool to cool off. As they get poolside, their bodies glistening with sweat in the sun’s rays, Colby and Aiden strip out of their shorts and head into the Garden-of-Eden-esque cooling waters. They’re chilling in the energizing waters when Aiden climbs out sporting a rock-hard boner while an equally horny Colby is close behind. Aiden starts sucking his hunky ball partner as he sits on the first step of the pool, in the water. His body is basking in the pool’s refreshing effects while his burly partner into falling into a trans. Appreciative, Colby now offers his just-as-talented mouth to Aiden’s hungry cock. Our young stud is leaning back in the water as Colby brings his thick dick to full mast. Colby works the shaft with his expert tongue and lip action, keeping his boy happy and stiff as a rod. Still basking in the shallow water, Aiden shifts around and offers his pink rosebud and firm ass cheeks to his ass-hungry partner. Colby delivers a serious tongue trashing and finger fuck. This is signature Colby Jansen treatment, as he lays the groundwork for his forceful and intense butt fucking. Soon enough, Aiden is crouched in a forward position, stroking his dick, and leaving his ass wide open to Colby’s penetrating skills. Colby confidently fucks the kid and Aiden takes it all in. They move into a seated position, leaving Aiden all the room needed to ride Colby intensely. As he’s riding Colby’s stiff cock, Aiden’s own boner swings happily from side to side, up and down, in the sun’s intense rays. He then gets up, and tells Colby that now’s the time for him to have his ass eaten out. With one leg out and one leg in the water, Colby’ ass is spread open and offering an eager Aiden all the space he needs to magically tongue the sturdy ass. Aiden’s tongue is working wonders. So much so, that Colby begs to take the kid’s cock into his dick-starved ass. They moan as the heat rises and Aiden’s talented cock is leading Colby into cumland. He’s jacking his cock when, suddenly, he rises up and unleashes a load onto the pool’s ledge. Aiden then unloads his own spunk all over his hunky partner’s ass, right after pulling out… A little peck on the lips, and the guys then plunge right back in to cool off.

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