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It’s bummer news! As Jackson Grant plays chess with his boss Colby Jansen, his boss informs him that times up and he’s on the chopping block. After two years as Colby’s intern, this isn’t what he was hoping for. But, he appears resigned as Colby tells him it’s time to move on and go for better things. He’s been a stellar employee and Colby will be more than happy to provide references and referrals. So, they share a final drink as Colby pops open a bottle of scotch. As he moves his Queen into position for a checkmate, Colby tells Jackson to gather his things. Colby needs to make a few calls so he’ll see his leaving intern when he’s ready done. Jackson stops him in his tracks. He rushes to his boss, who is standing in the stairs. He wants to show him his appreciation for all he’s done over the past two years. Colby shrugs it off, but Jackson insists. When asked what he had in mind, Colby’s young apprentice reaches up, grabs his boss’ tie and pull it down as he reaches up and kisses his boss passionately. They kiss for a short time before Colby opens up his fly and out pops his stiff dick. Jackson spreads his lips and swallows his hunky boss’ throat-busting rod. As he laps up his superior’s stiff tool, Colby moans more and more approvingly. They kiss again and undress each other until Colby gains access to his young intern’s thick stiff cock. We don’t see Colby often on his knees and servicing a kid’s hot dick in a seemingly sub position. But he is definitely enjoying this boy’s cock and the Jackson is loving every minute of this “exit interview”. Then the boss gets his staffer on his knees, providing unimpeded access to the kid’s hairy cheeks and crack. Colby is going crazy tonguing the kid’s ass. He spits in it then plugs his finger in… Know the boss is ready to fuck! He’s now returned to his bossy attitude, completely dominating his young protege. As he draws him up for another passionate kissing session, their hairy chests merge and brush together. Jackson strokes both cocks at the same time and ready’s his ass for the bossy fucking he’s on the verge of getting. Colby starts slowly, but quickly gets into his groove and let’s Jackson know who’s still in charge. His boy is begging to get plowed more and more, as he jerks his own stiff cock and begs Colby to “Fuck me harder. Harder!” He groans and begs for more. Colby then slows down and pulls out. He lays down on the floor and, and facing him Jackson straddles Colby’s body and rides him like a bitch in heat. Jackson’s hairy ass is loving the attention. The get up and once again they kiss briefly as the boss position’s his boy-toy on his back and fucks him once more, this time in a pile driver stance. Jackson is ripping his cock up with an intense jerking, then Colby rises and shoots his load onto his laying intern. Jackson follows suit quickly as he unloads a copious amount of spunk reaching as far as his chest. As they start breathing more slowly, the boss tells the kid to get packing…

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