Variety is the Spice of Life!

French Canadians were long known for their staunch catholic upbringing. While the Church had a stiff control over Quebec society for many years, today Quebeckers have largely shed this heritage as they are among the most open-minded, tolerant and hedonistic society this side of Sodom. Yet, the Church can still exercise influence in strange ways…  So it wasn’t surprising that Gabriel Clark, in his Journey of self-discovery, turned to his local priest to exorcise his bad behavior. As you will recall, in the first installment of Journey, Gabriel succumbed to his carnal desires and fucked his girlfriend’s brother when he popped by for a quick visit. Gabriel headed to Father Mike (Mike Stallone aka Mickelo Evans) to confess to his sins and seek guidance. In keeping with modern-day Quebec values, Father Mike found the right words and, more importantly, the right moves to comfort Gabriel in his new found awakening to Man-on-Man sex.  Watch Gabriel as he pursues on his path of self-discovery.

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