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Basketball player Nubius Oden was all set to enjoy a much deserved day away from the court and take in some rays by himself. His plans for solitude would soon be interrupted by Drew Hill, his hardworking pool boy. Drew couldn’t resist checking out his famous client as he went about his chores, watching him from the corner of his eye, trying hard not to stare at his impressive ebony frame lying out pool side. Nubius notices him and begins grabbing his crotch, knowing that he’s giving young Drew a show. Drew builds the courage to talk to Nubius telling him he’s a fan. Nubius is impressed and returns his compliment thanking Drew for doing a great job always keeping his pool sparkling clean. Nubius definitely has the Ginger-haired pool boy within his sites as he offers him sunscreen. The pale skinned Drew gladly accepts Nubius’ offer to help lotion him up. With his massive hands, Nubius spreads the creamy lotion all over Drew’s shoulders, neck and back. His hands start wandering and make their way to the front of Drew’s swim trunks that have begun tenting. Nubius slowly starts kissing Drew’s back and as his pool boy turns around, the two lock lips. Drew is eager to kneel in front of his massive boss allowing his mouth to be filled with the sportsman’s gargantuan cock. As Nubius’ giant knob grows in his mouth, Drew struggles to take it all in. Showing a definite determination to keep his boss happy as he moans contently. As they move to the poolside Jacuzzi, the statuesque jock crouches to swallow the young red head’s agitated cock. Braking for a moment, he heads up to passionately kiss Drew. His pool boy breaks the lip lock and kneels down in a forward direction, offering up his pearly white ass. Nubius rims him, feasting on his pink butt hole between his milky white cheeks. Young Drew then stands and offers up his ass again, this time for a good fucking. Within seconds, Nubius swiftly plows into his boy-toy’s ass, giving it all he’s got. Drew’s in pool boy heaven and is loving getting pounded by Nubius’ big black cock. Nubius lays back on the deck so Drew can sit down swallowing up his boss’s dick with his ass in one quick plunge. Our sportsman laments that he hasn’t had it this good in a while. He then fucks the pretty boy preacher-style that sends Drew over the edge. As he squeals that he’s going to shoot, his cock unloads his spunk, reaching as far as his mouth! Nubius soon adds his load to the mix, pulling out jizzing all over Drew’s cock and balls.

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