I’ve been looking forward to working with Tober Brandt for a long time, and actually never thought it would happen. He’s done so many prestigious movies, I thought my little studio was not in the same league. But, then I just said, fuck it, Tober is my friend, the money was right, and it all fell in place. We’ve known each other around town for a couple years, and I felt comfortable asking him to do a shoot for me. I’ve been trying to push the envelope with my photography lately, and knowing his history doing crazy fetish scenes, both on camera and off, I figured he’d be game for anything I suggest.
Tober Brandt fits the mold of “muscle bear cub” perfectly. Though his chest was trimmed at the time, he is still covered in hair, and take a look at those biceps! He’s also got plenty of tattoos, unusual piercings (check out the pointy jewelry on the tip of his dick!) and lots of attitude (he’s actually very sweet, but shhhh, don’t tell anyone!)
Sporting a rare, limited edition Muscle Bear Cub t-shirt (only two were printed!), gay porn star Tober Brandt made a visit to Lavender Lounge Studios to do photos and video. We got to play “dress up” with a couple different looks, including a Soviet Military Police Uniform. (He enjoyed that uniform so much, he shot his load waring it!)
Obviously, though, porn is not about what you’re wearing, it’s about what you’re NOT wearing, so even though I put him in some fun outfits, as soon as the camera rolled, it’s all about the strip tease.

Variety is the Spice of Life!

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