Variety is the Spice of Life!

After stretching himself out with a toy, Trent Turner gets fucked on his back and on all fours by fellow bareback sex fiend, Steve Sommer. Then, while riding Steve, Trent spots Tristan Riant approaching. The bearded, inked daddy joins in on the fun, shoving his deliciously fat cock in Steve’s mouth, burying himself to the hilt. Tristan fucks Steve’s throat as if he were fucking a tight ass and Steve is such an amazing cocksucker that he can take everything Tristan has to give him AND still fuck Trent at the same time!  Then again, Trent IS the one fucking himself at this point. But the whore must have more and he’s not alone because Tristan is soon getting his own, rarely used hole stretched out by Steve, who’s apparently embracing his inner top. Cum if you must, but be warned. Part three of this bareback trio is coming up hot and heavy!


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