What started off as a sex maniac’s group action delight in part 1, now turns into a mesmerizing piggy 3-way in part 2, with Tristan Riant, Amir Badri and Matthieu Angel. Swarthy Amir is bent over the pool table with Tristan’s uncut beercan cock fucking him bareback. Meanwhile, Amir’s husband Matthieu, looks on from the sidelines. But getting fucked isn’t enough for Amir and the whore gets his face fucked in some ass-to-mouth that leaves him gagging with desire. Matthieu wants his turn at Tristan’s juicy meat and the cock pig chokes himself on it while Amir cheers him on! After Tristan is fully spit-lubed, Matthieu gives up his hairy ass for the bald, bearded Bear Rider daddy to pound raw. Tristan and Amir spit-roast Matthieu before Amir wants another go. Tristan ends up breeding Matthieu then Amir slides home, giving his husband another load.

Variety is the Spice of Life!

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