Thick-hung Daddy bear Tristan Riant is enjoying his role as club president of the Bear Riders, especially now that there are more sex slaves groveling for his cock than he knows what to do with. Any other man might be intimidated to have the likes of Buster Nasstee, Matthieu Angel, and Amir Badri all clamoring for cock but not Tristan. The bearded fucker knows how to handle pig whore sex slaves. The three cocksuckers all get a taste of Tristan, slobbering over his beercan meat before Amir and Matthieu, real-life boyfriends, splinter off on their own. Buster now has Daddy Tristan and his fat dick all to himself while beefy hairy muscle hunks Amir and Matthieu, wearing their harnesses, get their game on all over a pool table. But if you think this is the end, you’re mistaken. Stay tuned for part two, jam-packed with hardcore anal action!

Variety is the Spice of Life!

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