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Tristen James is a beefy daddy who first appeared on Butch Dixon a couple of months back. His solo jerk-off video, Dirty Talkin’ Daddy, was one of the hottest jack-off sessions I’ve ever filmed. Once we finished with the interview portion of this video, Tristen grabbed his thick uncut cock and started pumping it in his fist. And then, by complete surprise, he started talking really dirty to me and the camera. He made me call him “Sir” and got me down on my knees filming him while he jerked off. I do have a little bit of a daddy-boy fetish, so this session got me really revved up.I had been looking for a “boy” to play with Tristen, who hadn’t done a hardcore duo for Butch Dixon yet. I stumbled across Luke Rivera, and I’m not sure where, but he’s a good-looking, slender guy and it seemed like he’d be a perfect fit to play with Tristen. Luke’s chest is smooth, but he’s got one seriously hairy belly and he’s packing a delicious, big-nobbed, uncut cock.Luke and Tristen nuzzle and cuddle as the scene opens. And they take turns sucking each other’s cocks. And again, Tristen James surprised me in this scene. I figured from his dirty talking jerk-off session that Tristen was going to get this boy on his knees and make him service his cock before stuffing it up his ass. When Tristen knelt on the coffee table and arched his ass in the air and said, “Fuck me!” I was quite beside myself. Luke did fuck Tristen, then this beefy daddy fucked Luke. There’s nothing hotter than watching two guys flip flop fucking. Tristen sat back in a red leather chair and Luke stood behind him jerking off and spilled his creamy load all over Tristen’s smooth chest

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