We’ve featured bigger men here on Powermen, but not too many with the particular blend of serenity and playfulness of Mr. Urbano Vasco. He breezes onto the set, snaps open a beer, and proceeds to not particularly mind how much he actually swallows – and how much lands on his soon-to-be-removed muscle-t. One thing leads to another (you know us, or if you don’t by now, you should), and pretty soon we’re enjoying the always-welcome spectacle of a young – very young – muscleboy pleasuring himself. That’s always refreshing.

Variety is the Spice of Life!

urbano_vasco01 urbano_vasco02 urbano_vasco03 urbano_vasco04 urbano_vasco05 urbano_vasco06 urbano_vasco07 urbano_vasco08 urbano_vasco09 urbano_vasco10 urbano_vasco11 urbano_vasco12 urbano_vasco13 urbano_vasco14 urbano_vasco15 urbano_vasco17 urbano_vasco18 urbano_vasco19 urbano_vasco20

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