The stubble on Alexander Greene’s jaw matches the fur on his chest. He and Hunter Marx grapple tongues, stroking each other’s cocks. Hunter has a full beard and packs lots of muscle on his beefy frame. Alexander is athletic and flexible. He gives Hunter first go at sucking. Even with Hunter’s hand wrapped around Alexander’s shaft, there’s still more than a handful of cock to swallow, not to mention a pair of super-sized balls. They swap, and Alexander deep-throats Hunter’s extremely veiny cock until the juices run down over his nut sack. Turning the other cheek, Hunter offers his muscle-butt for rimming, getting his hole chewed. Alexander tests the tightness of that hole with his thumb, then rams his huge cock in to the base. Hunter grunts and rolls his head as the endorphins flow. Fuck turns to flip-fuck. Hunter uses long, slow strokes to drill Alexander, whose long legs open wide for the taking. They cum simultaneously, and Hunter licks the creamy pool off Alexander’s abs.

Variety is the Spice of Life!

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