21 year old Yaro Vykvet has never had intimate relations with another guy; but, he has always wanted to perform in front of a camera and the opportunity to do that and get a massage at the same time was very appealing. After a brief interview, Yaro lies back on the bed and begins loosening his shirt. While he is waiting on our masseur Yaro slowly caresses his own chest. Just has Yaro finishes unbuttoning his shirt the masseur creeps in beside him. As he kneels on the bed he pops the top on the massage oil, applies a little to the palms of his hands and gently starts rubbing it into Yaroís toned chest. The masseurís hands expertly slide underneath Yaroís jeans and Yaro moans with pleasure at the touch and the masseur slowly undoes the top of the jeans and slides them down. Yaroís cock is definitely interested as it starts to grow as he lets the very first man ever jack his cock. Pulling his legs back, Yaro exposes his sweet, hairy asshole and our masseur expertly fills that hole with first; some massage oil, and then with his fingers; which, oddly enough seem to go in quite easily into Yaroís virgin ass. Our masseur has Yaro roll over and kneel onto his knees putting his ass in the air. Once more the masseurís fingers begin expertly massaging this inside of Yaroís ass while his other hand is jerking Yaroís cock. As the intensity of the finger fucking and hand jacking continues Yaro squirts out a thick, juicy load of man jizz all over the bed. With a look of exhausted pleasure Yaro rolls over on the bed before he heads off to clean up in the showers.

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